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Your Dream Wedding Awaits

Your Experience

Part of the LuxurIOS is the organization and planning of dream wedding events in Ios, Greece. Couples are welcome to celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives with their family and friends in one of the three private beach estates available and turn their wedding reception into a collection of unparalleled memories.

A one of a kind experience that cannot be matched awaits couples to be wed in the beautiful island of Ios. From a spectacular private beach wedding on the golden sandy beaches of Pikri Nero, Papas or Hamouhades to an elegant ceremony at the chic Pathos lounge against the majestic backdrop of the scarlet sunset and the dazzling Aegean or a celebration under the moonlight at Calilo luxury resort, couples can choose amidst some of the most attractive wedding venues on the island and live their dreams to the fullest in the heart of the Cyclades.

Breathtaking Moments

With an emphasis on providing some of the most exquisite honeymoon & wedding events in the Cyclades, the LuxurIOS promises to realise any desire, any requirement, any dream. The unrivalled accommodation options, the lavish amenities as well as the impeccable planning and organizing services allow couples to leave everything to the hands of the experts and enjoy the most treasured moments of their lives with no concerns.

Couples can celebrate their wedding with a spectacular beach banquet against the cerulean sea or host formal dinner parties under the starry sky accompanied by scrumptious dining choices, bubbly champagne and live music. As the day comes to an end, the dream continues to unfold with a honeymoon unlike any other.

Like a story from a fairy-tale where privacy is only interrupted by the whispering sound of the breeze.


Explore the most exquisite honeymoon destination in the Cyclades, whilst being able to retreat to a unique 5 star luxury accommodation.


Our experienced staff will cater to your specific needs and requirements, and will make sure you wine and dine in style.

Planning & Organisation

Your special day should be without stress, that's why we handle all of the planning & organisation to ensure it runs as smoothly and elegantly as possible.

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