Getting Here

Travelling to Calilo is very straightforward, with ferries arriving to Ios over 6 times a day and complimentary transportation from the port of Ios to Calilo. Furthermore, there is a Heli Pad at Calilo to facilitate any helicopter travel.

Closest Airports:

  • Santorini (JTR)
  • Mykonos (JMK)
  • Athens (ATH)

Ferry travel time:

  • Santorini-Ios 45 Mins
  • Mykonos-Ios 1.5 Hours
  • Athens - Ios 3.5 Hours

Helicopter travel time:

  • Santorini-Ios 11 Mins
  • Mykonos-Ios 18 Mins
  • Athens - Ios 52 Mins

Plus many more islands.

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