Calilo Art and Architecture

We are a hospitality and land conservation group that aims to offer an end product to our guests while passionately defending our ethos, originality and reason of being, by remaining as loyal and true to the truth who we are as we can. Committed not to copy parts of the success of others so we ourselves can succeed, we have not used architects or decorators, but instead did all the interior and exterior design work ourselves to ensure that there is not only a visual but also emotional uniformity, integrity and cohesion in our presentation to the final arbiters of our product – our guests.

We believe that one of the most important functions of architecture and art is to open paths in the souls of their beholders by helping them create beautiful emotions, and in the process, make their lives better and happier. Architecture and art can make us happier because they add more soul in the battle between our minds and our souls.

The philosophical mission of Calilo is to offer a product where architecture and art are used to uplift the lives of our guests by providing them with a joyful, positive, carefree and playfully quaint physical and emotional environment to relax, let their guard down, think less and feel more.

We aim to do that through the emotional honesty, positivity and innocence of our venues, by gently assisting our guests, through the beautiful emotions they create while staying with us, to leave behind for a while any difficulties, negativity and burdens they came with, and reconnect with themselves, especially with the truth of who they are.

A vacation is the best cure for routine and the most popular elixir for boredom. The purpose of a vacation is to stop doing what we normally do and instead try doing something which is different enough to unwind, take our burdens off and rejuvenate us. An integral part of our ethos at Calilo is to help by gently pushing our guests to do just that by allowing the truth of the majestic environment it is built on, as well as the character of the resort and its staff, to accomplish that.

Helping our guests to relax and emotionally liberate them is the reason why we extensively use the element of water in most public and private areas. Water is freedom. Water is freedom because, when combined with the sun and the wind, it has the ability, unlike other materials used in construction of the places we live in, to free itself from its rigidness and change shape and, with it, mood. We adore water because, by often having the playfulness and freedom we don’t, it has the ability to defeat, on our behalf, the repetitiveness and emotional confinement of our life’s routine. Another enabler of freedom which we use through our venues is swings. We use swings through our venues because they immediately and effortlessly connect us to our inner child, our truth and, through that, our happiness.

Knowing how comfortable we are with routine but also how tired of it we get after a while, as well as how deeply we want to revolt against it, we, at Calilo, use architectural surprises to kick start our souls and offer a break from the repetitiveness of our lives. Positives ones, obviously.

That is the reason we construct our public and private spaces using convoluted shapes like tunnels, corridors and split levels, which don’t immediately reveal themselves, but more so keep surprising their beholders until they are met by a panoramic explosion of light, usually having the sea at the end of it.

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