Our Philosophy

Create A LIfe you can fall in LOve with

Our Philosophy

A message from the Michalopoulos family, creators of CALILO:

Life is more beautiful than we think, if we can only find a way to disarm our ugliness that won’t let us enjoy it. Every moment we live, we are faced with a choice to either create beauty in the form of happiness, kindness, generosity and compassion, or ugliness in the form of sadness, malice, stinginess and frigidity. Every moment we live is a blank canvas which we can either smudge until it becomes black and ugly or paint with joyous colours until it becomes beautiful.

During the process of conceptualising and creating Calilo both as a physical place and an emotional one, the exceptional beauty and emotional intensity of the land pushed us to realise how much we must strive to make life beautiful for others and to dedicate ourselves into creating and sharing the vast array of beautiful emotions it keeps generating with everyone who chooses to visit it. That is why at the heart of Calilo, our family’s project, one will find this pursuit and embrace of beauty acting as both its roots and its wings.

Our mission and deep desire as a hotel and hospitality brand is to offer our guests the conditions to open up their souls to their feelings so they can discover the beauty hidden behind even the most ordinary moments, discover the surprising warmth that the smile of a person they’ve just met has, the joy and fun-loving energy hidden in the rays of the Greek sun, explore the rare sense of freedom that carefree footsteps like to leave on a gleaming sandy beach and allow themselves to be mesmerised by the rhythmic musical notes produced by the playful waves of the Aegean Sea.

Lastly, our uncompromising yearning and enthusiastic ambition is to provide our guests with a physical and emotional environment that encourages them to set aside any form of ugliness and embrace beauty enough to Create A LIfe they can fall in LOve with.

Artist Profile: Angelos Michalopoulos

Angelos Michalopoulos is a self-taught writer, sculptor and painter, whose main inspiration is human nature and the lessons derived from its study. Self-knowledge, relationships, conflict, the truth of who we are, and happiness are key themes of his art as seen in his books, sculptures and paintings. He views art as a generator of beautiful emotions and the most direct pathway to one’s soul. He also views ‘creation’ as the process by which he learns more about himself and others. During his study of human nature, he translates his answers into art and his art answers back with more questions, making his relationship with it a passionate and ever-evolving journey of self-knowledge and realisation. Hence, his goal as an artist is to generate beauty and happiness through a deeper understanding of one’s self.

CALILO PRINCIPLES by Angelos Michalopoulos

  1. I will create a life I can fall in love with.
  2. Let’s realise that the most beautiful moments of our life are those we feel so content and proud of the truth of who we are, that we no longer feel the slightest need to lie to ourselves.
  3. Let’s understand that the world we live in has more emotions that we can feel, more beauty that we can see, more kindness than our soul take in.
  4. Let us push aside any doubt that abducts our optimism and any asterisk we inset on our courage to stop us from being more brave than our pessimism can handle.
  5. Let’s bypass any trap set up by our most logical but fearful argument to stop our soul from making us feel emotions.
  6. Let’s allow our pathos and enthusiasm kick the doors of our soul wide open until we are able, not only to feel her incredible strength, but letting her sweep us along to the point where we believe in our emotions so much that we wont feel ashamed of the person the make us.
  7. Let’s live producing beauty or celebrating the beauty others have produced.
  8. I will ask the people I love to start paining the world around me with them, until I realise how much more I believe in beauty than in ugliness.
  9. I will celebrate happiness and explain sadness. To enjoy life, let’s celebrate beauty by showering the people around us with our happiness and disarm ugliness by explaining our sadness to ourselves, until we are not sad anymore.
  10. Let’s live by trying hard to celebrate our strengths and even harder to get to know our weaknesses as well as we need to disarm them.
  11. Let’s live by trying hard to celebrate what gives birth to our happiness and even harder to find out which weaknesses of ours produce our sadness, so we can help the next emotion our soul gives birth to a benevolent expression of our beauty and not a vindictive proof of our ugliness.
  12. Let’s fill the world around us with as much beauty as we have in us.
  13. Every moment we live, we either share with the people around us the celebrations or the open injuries, the flowers or the garbage we have in our soul. That’s why let us discover which weaknesses of ours have already started forming the next words that will come out of our mouth, or the next deeds that will come out of our hands that will demand to fill the world around us with the pain of our inner injuries.
  14. Max most apogee. Let’s live, create, celebrate and feel as intensely as we can.
  15. Let’s live with our souls feeling at maximum. Our arms wide open and our lips ready to grab as much of our inner beauty as they can from the shyest, more vulnerable spots of our soul to try and transform in into the next smile of the people around us.
  16. Let’s turn our souls on and let all their immense, indomitable pathos, and enthusiasm produce the beauty with which they will paint the world around us with so much truth that they will make it rediscover where it hid its beauty.

Discover our new Books on the CALILO philosophy by Angelos Michalopoulos.

(Ios Island, August 2022)

CALILO CHES<br><em> (Ios Island, August 2022)</em> book cover


(Ios Island, June 2022)

CALILO MAX - MAX MOST APOGEE<br><em>(Ios Island, June 2022)</em> book cover

Write more than you’ll erase, learn more than you’ll forget, build more than you’ll tear down, hope more than you’ll fear.

The CALILO Philosophy Podcast by Angelos Michalopoulos