Papas Ios, Cyclades Greece

Exclusive 5-star, Spa Resort

Our 5 Pillars

Refreshingly Unique

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At Calilo, we have crafted a unique holiday package tailored around 5 key pillars:

Environment, Luxury, Privacy, Culture and Fun.

Providing all of these will form an experience that revolutionises the standard vacation, and currently only a few possible destinations worldwide can offer this.






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Stunning Suites


Mesmerising marble interiors, handcrafted to the finest of details. Spacious outdoor sanctuaries with private pools, hidden amidst the verdant landscape offering visitors a haven of tranquility and peacefulness.

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Getting here

Our Resort

Our resort is located on the island of Ios, which is in the middle of one of the most successful tourist areas on earth, right in-between two world class destinations, Mykonos and Santorini. More specifically, Calilo is brilliantly situated on the secluded beach of Papas, thus, offering a haven of serenity and relaxation amidst the dramatic natural surroundings.


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Local Area

Ios Island

With a significant historic past dating back five thousand years ago, Ios also presents some of Europe`s best beaches and a famous nightlife to go with it.


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See & Do


Spectacular Beaches without Spectacular crowds

Unlike the neighboring islands of Santorini and Mykonos, Ios posseses a wide array of untouched, secluded beaches, which are perfect for any day trip. In addition to these, beaches, such as Mylopotas, feature exciting beach clubs and live entertainment.



One Place...
Countless adventures

Our dream is to allow our guests to experience the ultimate luxury:being able to just be alone, or with your loved ones, in a vast private area where you can swim, do water sports, walk in one of our numerous seaside or island trails scattered throughout our property, or just take in the amazing views.


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