Create A Life You Can Fall in Love With


The mission of Calilo is to offer a product where architecture and art are used to uplift the lives of our guests by providing them with a joyful, positive, carefree, and playfully quaint physical and emotional environment to relax, let their guard down, think less, and feel more.

Rising out of, and carved from, the native rock, Calilo is cradled by 1,000 acres of protected land and fringed by six miles of golden sand, lapped by a cerulean sea. 

In a remote corner of unspoilt Ios, in the heart of the Cyclades, and just a pebble's throw from party islands Mykonos and Santorini, this 36-suite sanctuary offers an escape from the clamour and the crowds. Think sun-drenched seclusion surrounded by an ancient olive-pricked landscape - nature and art at its heart. 

Calilo is a tranquil retreat, a visionary conservation project – and one family's vision. It is a place like no other because from the architecture to the interior design and the striking artworks and installations it is their creation, a family whose aim is to preserve, protect and nurture this tantalising land – and to share the dream and the island's mesmerising magic.

Discover its playful vibe and unique philosophy. Relax, realign and reconnect with yourself – and nature. Feel the sand between your toes, the salt on your skin, the sun seeping into your bones. Sleep deeply, dream, linger. Just be.


Whether your priority is absolute privacy, panoramic views of the bay or direct access to the beach, Calilo has the set-up to suit. There are 36 sumptuous suites, each individually designed and featuring sleek marble interiors. From one- to three-bedrooms each has its own USP from panoramic sea views to footsteps-from-the-sand beach access, dreamy plunge pools, swim-up bars and romantic day beds…

About Us

We strive to provide our guests the physical and emotional  space to enjoy, feel, and create beautiful emotions, while ensuring that our island will remain unspoiled for future generations.

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Design - Art & Architecture

We believe that one of the most important functions of architecture and art is to open paths in the souls of their beholders by helping them create beautiful emotions, and in the process, make their lives better and happier. Architecture and art can make us happier because they add more soul in the battle between our minds and our souls.

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Our Philosophy

Create A LIfe you can fall in LOve with

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Relaxation and wellbeing are central to our philosophy. By creating a calming and nurturing environment, far from the pressures of an increasingly chaotic world, we hope to help restore a sense of equilibrium.

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Our food philosophy has deep roots, founded on the Ancient Greeks' belief that a healthy body supports a healthy mind and we are strong advocates of the Mediterranean diet's array of benefits.

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